At Santhi Hospital, the treatment expenses for various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are comparatively less, even for high-end medical services. For the destitute and needy patients, the hospital gives further concessions. Well deserving patients get free treatment.

Special Camps

The hospital conducts various camps in association with the local government and various NGOs at regular intervals. During these camps, health education classes on common diseases like asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis are conducted for the general public. Consultations and medicines are provided free of cost to patients. Additionally, regular classes in first aid, training programs in BLS (Basic Life Support) and trauma care are conducted for the general public.

Medical Camps

Regular medical camps are conducted in alliance with NGOs, social workers and other public institutions. These camps are mostly held in remote hilly areas of the Western Ghats inhabited by tribes. They are provided with free medicines by the visiting teams of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff. At present more than 1200 people make use of this camp.


‘Ashwas’ is a charity initiative for giving free food to patients. Rice soup and porridge are distributed to each patient and their bystanders twice daily.

Employment Opportunities

More than 900 employees are directly and more than 200 employees are indirectly working under IWT institutions. Through these opportunities IWT has played a huge role in the upliftment of hundreds of families.

Financial Aids

In its endeavour to serve the society better, the trust has been providing financial aids to the downtrodden class of society for different requirements which would in turn make their life better. This includes providing starting capital for young entrepreneurs, building and repairing homes for the poor, providing relief and rehabilitation aid for areas hit by natural calamities etc. The Islamic Welfare Trust also provides all necessary services to the institutions (run by the trust) that provide tutelage in different fields of study and quality medical care. Construction of buildings, purchase of medical and other equipment, financial assistance for day-to-day expenses when required etc. are just some of them.